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Make Mike McDaniel HC and call it a day


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Here is the deal, Mike McDaniel is the hottest coach on the market now.  Every where he has gone, his offense and run game has beaten the best.  He even made Devonte Freeman and Tevin Coleman look like the best RB's in the NFL at one point.  If you make Mike McDaniel an OC, he will get picked up as a HC in a year or two.  Why not just go all in on the young man and build the franchise around him.  I am tired of getting these old worn out DC and OC as HC that faze out after one good year.  Get Mike McDaniel, let him be creative and let him get the players he wants.  Done Deal. 

If Blank wants best for the team, he needs to drop his ego aside, forget about what happened after the 2016 season, saying that Mike McDaniel wasn't up to par or what ever the **** that **** was.  Get the man who has proven himself year after year.  McDaniel is the man and there is no one even close to him. 



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2 minutes ago, Smiler11 said:

Mike McDaniel is the guy I want to run our offense (if that is as HC so be it), but hottest coach on the market? Has he even received any HC interviews?

My point is, if you make him an OC next year and he just tears up the NFL with our offense, he will be an HC some where else a year later

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The lack of experience is what has plagued this team the entire time Matt Ryan has been here. Both Smitty & Quinn were first time HCs who far too often got overwhelmed in close contests and were regularly outcoached by more experienced opponents. Their lack of situational awareness due to being inexperienced in the role of a HC cost this team several games.

The last thing this team needs is to make a dude who has never been anything beyond a position coach the HC.

McDaniel for OC?
Sure, why not?

But McDaniel  for HC?
Get outta here with that nonsense.

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26 minutes ago, bigjmw84 said:

I would offer OC/Assistant HC tag to McDaniel to to pair him with Hackett or Bienemy. Also..What's the word on Mike Kafka. He could be sneaky good in the future

@itsryanwonder point though was that if you do that, then you're just going to lose him to a HC position in a couple of years if all works out. So you just need to bypass that and hire him as HC, like in hindsight we should have done with Shanny. 

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44 minutes ago, Atlantafan21 said:

Man y’all messed up for bashing the dude based on looks lol. 

But on Mike, everywhere he’s gone is everywhere Shanny has gone. Is it Shanny or is it McDaniels that has brought success to those offenses and specifically their run games? I’d put my money on Shanny. 

"coattails" for 2000 please, alex.

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