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2021 National Championship Ohio State vs Alabama

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Unconfirmed, but it was reported that Justin tried to enter the transfer portal halfway into the 2nd quarter.  

So, who gets ball to start the second half?

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Okay everybody who reads this forum knows I'm a big fan of Zack Wilson. and I'm really hoping the Atlanta falcons draft Wilson at number 4. and that has nothing to do with being against Justin fields, I just think Zach Wilson has more to offer...but .... If fields comes out here tonight and beats this Alabama team.. and he himself has a very good night ... I may change my opinion... But to beat Alabama is a huge task... We'll see

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1 hour ago, SacFalcFan said:

Tonight's game and every game played IMO is a huge win for everyone with all that we have been through this year. 

Hey, why don't you move this over to the main Falcons' forum? I know its college, but its' the big game and it's only once a year. :tiphat:

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Just now, AUTiger7222 said:

I love Mac Jones. Would love to have him as Matt Ryan's backup for a couple years and then hand him the keys. He's gonna be really good in the NFL.

I’ve been calling him a more athletic Eli Manning for a bit now.

It ain’t flashy, but it’s gonna get the job done at a high level. 

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