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Ricardo Allen is pure trash!

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3 minutes ago, Lowndesfalc said:

And if he was so dam good at communicating, then why was the secondary constantly out of position???

Exactly....He probably survived as long as he did because he was a DQ favorite but hopefully a new coaching staff will clean out this dead weight.

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4 hours ago, Atlantafan21 said:

I’ll take Rico over Decoud whiffing every tackle still. 

While I'm not arguing the whiffed tackles. It's not like Rico don't get ran over when he does get there, albeit by qbs generally Lmao. But he got picks. 

3 hours ago, kenn.junior said:

lmao decoud might of been a terrible tackler but he did get his picks make you wanna see decoub and W.A.R one more time

I'd love to see war on Michael Thomas one time ☺️☺️

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Rico was always that experiment that never really took.  CB that did not quite get it done.  Moved to FS, decent but not a natural.  He goes back to the dumpster diving we used to do for defensive players.  UDFA linebacker starters(Bartu and Worrilow) as we had no one and "Diamond in the Rough" style players.

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11 minutes ago, FalconinPA said:

I remember when Rico was showing major promise. I don't know what happened. Now Rico flat out stinks

Keep Ryan... get a young QB... Remake the defense and shred the O-line.  Keep  Hurst, Gage, Hill, Terrell, Ridley, Koo,... I have to put together my list.... but trade Julio.  We need to fix the cap first.  Or we are going to wind up with another team of NFL misfits.. broken and castaways the NFL teams did not want like Gurley... he can go.  We can do better.  Still to early for plans.. need a head coach and Cap money.

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