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Latest News on The GM/Head Coach Search

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10 hours ago, blknoble357 said:

I'm thinking thinking Dan Mullen's agent is the only one floating the Dan Mullen to the New York Jets rumor, hoping Florida will be stupid and up his contract and buy out.

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I genuinely don't understand why anyone would want to take the NYJ job. 


If I'm a young hotshot coordinator, I don't think I'd want to throw the opportunity of a lifetime away on the Jets. I'd rather bet on myself and stay a coordinator for another year or 2 while waiting for a much better opportunity.

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1 hour ago, g-dawg said:

If Mack Jones can get his name legally changed to “Matt” before the NFL combine we are guaranteed to draft him.


2 hours ago, thanat0s said:

If one name is synonymous with this team, it’s anyone named Smith. 😄


1 hour ago, KRUNKuno said:

or matt smhhh lol

Smitty Matt new Falcons QB/GM/HC. You heard it here first!


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13 minutes ago, Fernando C. said:

I want Rick Smith for GM and one of those 2 for HC... I really don't know who would be tied with those HC for GM .. do you know??

Nah, Not sure of the connections for those 2 in regards to GMs. 

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I want the best O# minded HC ,, not the best D# minded. Trust me on this... As I've said many times. The best O# is helps a D# be much much better. :yikes:But if we do go that way,, they better get a great OC.. or we'll be sunk for the next 10 years.

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