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Justin Fields auditioning for the Falcons and more NFL teams

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Dear Everyone:     I was wrong about Fields.  I've been talking out my *** for the last couple of weeks.  

Yeah, but you posted that clown shoe thread, so you get no props. 

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I’m watching the game a little delayed on my dvr and that hit on fields ouch. I want to draft him if he’s available late. We need somebody to crunch dudes on special teams. He needs to be coached up on tackling with form. He looked huge. Glad fields is ok and I see he’s tougher than I thought. 

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2 minutes ago, Dirtybird56 said:

No problem with Fields having a running aspect to his game but man he’s not a great QB by any means. After I watched 4 of his games the other day I want nothing to do with him 

I've been on the same bandwagon, but he's done fine tonight. I didn't like him at all before today, but now going against Clemson, he's doing a lot better than I thought he would. He hasn't been perfect, but now if we draft him, I won't be to worried.

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