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Florida verses Oklahoma in Cotton Bowl Game Thread

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TJ Eckert




Florida coach Dan Mullen tonight after getting embarrassed: “The last game this 2020 team played was 11 days ago.” “We didn’t have to play.” “I thought our scout team guys played well.” Didn’t think it was possible, but his quotes are more embarrassing than his teams play

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If Pitts and Toney and Grimes and Campbell and Miller and Wilson were playing tonight, Florida wins this game. If Daniels and Pickens and LeCounte and Davis and Rochester and Cine (bad targeting call) all play against Florida... well... I think it’d have been pretty interesting.
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1 hour ago, Wardog357 said:

Stevenson looked good tonight. I havent watched him this year but would he be a mid round pick? If so.... Atlanta might want to keep an eye on him.

cbs has him ranked at #91 overall as the 4th ranked rb. that was my third time watching him this year and add him to the list of guys i would love to have.

i'm thinking this is looking like a very deep running back class this year. i feel like "best RB available" might be a smart strategy for the third round of the draft if we haven't already managed to snag harris or etienne.

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