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Song titles that describe your attitude or feelings about the Falcons

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Just for kicks and giggles lets post the title of the song that best describes your feelings and attitudes toward our beloved Falcons. I will go first:  

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14 hours ago, Jdrizzle said:


Yeah! Perfect fit for sure! Always up beat enough to hold on to a little hope yet tossed into the dark abyss year after year!    As we once heard our Coach exclaim "EMBRACE THE SUCK!"   Yeah we all are. year after stinking year!! WAY DOWN WE GO!  Gotta laugh with the ulcer!!  



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Here is my vote for Song that best describes the plight of long time Falcons Fans!   When I became a fan i was so young and wide eyed!!  12 years old. GO FALCONS!!  now I am turning 52 in two weeks and I am too old to die young but every freaking year I feel a little more closer to death..  WIN THE **** LOMBARDI ALREADY DAMMIT!   JUST ONCE BEFORE US OLD FANS CROAK! LMFAO


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