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[RUMOR] Urban Meyer linked to the Falcons...

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My biggest nightmare would be Urban Meyer hired as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.   And as first move as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, Urban Meyer wants to bring in.    

Urban is 1.)too flaky 2.) his system probably doesn’t work on the pro level 3.) we have bad history will college coaches 

Hasn't this guy walked away with health problems twice? We don't need another Bobby B on our hands...

4 minutes ago, youngbloodz said:

I doubt Urban will come to the NFL. 


Honestly I don't think he will either.


About every off-season now he's connected to teams for possibly being of interest but nothing comes out of it.


I also think Meyer wants the attention. Just like when he reportedly spoke with Jerry Jones last off-season. Nothing came out of it.

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I think this reporter reads TATF, "It’s only right if the Falcons continue to Falcon, right?"

The article also states two teams are interested, but they aren't us. He just says we're in the mix. Just a case of the tail wagging the dog. I doubt he's even been considered. AB has to still be pretty gun shy.

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11 minutes ago, Herr Doktor said:

College and pro football are different animals.  To me, Quinn should coach college ball.  He'd be a fantastic recruiter, all his rah rah and bro style would appeal to kids.  We need a Tom Coughlin style coach.  Professional, no nonsense, and hard core.  


A Coughlin style HC may not be a good thing either though.


Players hated playing under Coughlin. He was way too strict.


He did win 2 SBs, but his strict ways eventually fell on deaf ears in the end.

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