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***Falcons vs. Chiefs game thread***

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If Matt Ryan was playing like Patrick Mahomes today, half of y’all would be screaming to trade him.  And by that, I mean the half that aren’t already screaming to trade him. 

I also think we need to cut Terrell some slack on that play. He elevated ridiculously high to snag that catch. Then, he landed straight on his back. The impact from that knocked the ball up in the air

Greatest comedy ever made. 😂 I will hear no slander!😆

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Just now, Ergo Proxy said:

A lot can depend on the scheme for next year...is we run more cover 2 next year for example... but agreed *IF* he can agree to a 1 year prove it. We need to cut bait with Rico and upgrade FS either way.

Yeah he will get roasted a lot in cover 2. We have great linebackers now thats not an option.

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1 minute ago, falcon app said:

The main question is whether to rebuilt around Ryan or start afresh. I wouldn't rebuilt around Ryan but I also would not force a QB pick if we do not love one.

But for the love for all that is good, please do not leave a QB you love and force a need pick to build around Ryan.

too much logic, you must be new here

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