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***Falcons vs. Chiefs game thread***


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12 minutes ago, Realsurfin said:

To all the folks that told me Brady was washed up.... bite my hairy azzzzz...  haaaa

To all that told me the Saints were overated.... put down the bourbon and bong.

We might not even make 5-11.... to all that were saying 10-6.... i feel ya.... 

To all that want to make Morris head coach I say get your heads out of the clouds.

Before anything happens get a GM and a finance guy and fix the cap!

Ok... now bring on the slaughter or upset.


On point.....
Nothing like Falcon homerism on this message board 

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2 minutes ago, Precyse said:

This is the type of game we find a way to win/embarrass our opponent, and start thinking we will go undefeated next year because we beat the Chiefs on their winning streak before they went on to win the Superbowl. 

Typically I'd agree, but this team is too pitiful to actually do that this time.

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2 minutes ago, fuego said:

The great Phil Niekro. No problem posting here. He transcends ALL of Atlanta. Hated Joe Torre for dropping him when he clearly had 3-4 good years left. Got to see him win #300 in a Yankee uniform. 

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