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The possible "domino effect" from hiring Rick Smith as GM could be a phenomenal off-season... This is why.


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It is not often I whip out my laptop to post on my favorite message board in the whole wide world. But, I want to convey as best as possible why the Rick Smith hire could be the first in a list of moves that will help Atlanta be competitive out the gate in 21-22, and also one of the front-runners in the (some may say pointless) "Off-Season Awards".


When TD was fired the first person that came to my mind to fill his position was Rick Smith. The reason being, honestly, is that I'm still baffled as to why he was fired from Houston in the first place. He was the LAST thing wrong with that organization. Some of the notable picks under his tenure?

JJ Watt

Brian Cushing

Deshaun Watson

Ben Tate

Duane Brown

Deandre Hopkins

Benardrick McKinney

With his best pick up being Arian Foster, who was UNDRAFTED


That is a darn good resume that goes multiple positions; Not just skill players ala TD. This is a GM who establishes a good relationship with coaches and has a good feel for drafting players that their scheme can get the most out of. The coaches play an important part too; Andy Reid has had great offenses in Philadelphia and KC for just about his entire tenure. That no doubt comes from being able to convey to the GM specifically the type of players that he wants for his scheme and the GM putting in place a staff necessary to get those players. Rick Smith has worked with some prolific coaches during his time in the NFL in which he was able to find adequate talent for. Here's a few that may be available at the end of the season...


Gary Kubiack

Wade Phillips

Rick Dennison

Greg Knapp... Oh wait he's still on our staff now 


If we were to gather each of these coaches, all that leaves for us to question is, who will be the head coach? Gary Kubiack already stated he will not HC for health reasons... Outside of that, it would obviously have to be someone WCO-oriented; Which is fine because Matt Ryan is pretty much committed to that or some variation of that offense until the day he retires. But, if we're wanting a SB within the next 2-3 years, we HAVE to have Gary Kubiack as our offensive coordinator. I know a lot of people on the board would be against that, but look...

If we're keeping Matt Ryan, we have a 2-3 year window to win a championship. DK is gone, and Matt Ryan is not learning a new offense, it's not happening. I understand that we want a coach that's offensive-minded and will be able to put together a competent offense BEYOND Matt Ryan's departure, but I do not agree with treating Matt Ryan's last two years as a "farewell tour".


I want the goal for this organization to be Championship football every year.


If we get Rick Smith, there is a possibility to land all 3 of these coaches, which will put us in position to win out the gate during the 21-22 season. Nothing of what I said is a revelation, but should be acknowledged for the people that want to win championships but may be in denial about what this team should do going forward. I just want to win. Keep in mind that this would not this will not disparage taking a QB with the top pick. To be honest that would be pretty good; I like Justin Fields as a possible QB of the future. But as long as we have Matt Ryan and Julio Jones taking up 90% of the cap, this organization should not only always be in pursuit, but should also be able to compete for championships. 

The journey starts with the GM/Coaching Staff.

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16 minutes ago, Macintez said:

He’s been here since 2018...

What other coordinator has been here since that time?

He’s not a coordinator. He’s the QB coach. Aka the one that should be fixing the deteriorating mechanics. My lame self can see the terrible footwork that’s plagued Ryan since Shanny took his people away. 

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6 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

Yep. His footwork was fine with Sark. Since 2019, we’ve not ran the system Ryan mastered and it’s no longer a rhythm offense.

That’s on Knapp to fix. It’s been two seasons now. He should be telling it hard. Shannys system required Matt to do stuff he’s never done. 

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1 minute ago, NWFALCON said:

That’s on Knapp to fix. It’s been two seasons now. He should be telling it hard. Shannys system required Matt to do stuff he’s never done. 

Mechanics are off because the offense is broken. He literally has to hold and look for an open target behind an OL he won’t trust; from the nightmares last year alone, and without a run game or PA to key off of. We’re running the wrong system. Everything is clunky, not just QB footwork.

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