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Longest rush attempt for the 2020 Falcons ... 35 yards


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29 minutes ago, A-TowN.- said:

Our run game is a pile of crap and we knew that it would turn to this as soon as we hired Koetter. 

I knew the running game would be crap but was hoping it wouldn't though. Then I was hoping at least if we get in the redzone Gurley can get us a TD. Now I'm hoping for a good coaching staff and better players. 

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22 minutes ago, Geneaut said:

Looking at the list there are at least (10) QBs and a number of WRs who have longer rushes this season.

Yes, we have tons of speed and agility at WR, but to get big runs from those positions you have to run sweeps and end arounds that utilize pre snap motion and formation shifts.  Koetter is afraid of these things they are new and scary and worst of all they work well.  He has stuck in the league for years running his 1930s offense he's terrified of even attempting to adapt.  Koetter is the only OC in the NFL whose formations and play calls are so vanilla the defense knows the route tree being run pre snap.  Its embarrassing he actively makes the game harder for our offense.

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8 minutes ago, Killing Floor said:

We're around 70 YPG, even fewer some games.  Not sure if that comes up in team meetings.  It's not even that Gurley is spent and slow, it's that we don't validate rushing as an option.  Do we even practice it at Flowery?

Gurley would lose a race to the line of scrimmage to Grady Jackson. His burst is completely gone. It got worse by the week.

The guy we saw vs Seattle was long gone within 8 weeks. 

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