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Any chance the Falcons beat the Chiefs?

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If NFL games lasted 3 quarters we’d be a dynasty by now. 

A Chiefs win secures home field in the playoffs and a bye in the 1st Round No.

But hey you never know 

3 minutes ago, Mescalito said:

I know most people here don't like this but it would be in our best interest not win either of our last two games.  We are the Falcons though so I wouldn't be shocked if we play our best football of the year, win out, and end up with a pick around 12-15.

 I seriously doubt we have to worry about that.  

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4 hours ago, Falcons Fan MVP said:

On the surface this seems like a sure loss for the Falcons. The Falcons are certainly better than their 4-10 record and are probably starving for a win. 

Can the Falcons pull off the upset if they bring their A game? Or do you think the Chiefs are just too much?

Yeah two...................you know the tag line. 

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Any chance we beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl?

Any chance this week old oyster is still good?

Any chance Salma Hayek is coming over this weekend?

Any chance you could maybe dial back the sun just a little because I forgot my hat?

Any chance the Jets beat the Rams?  OK, there's a chance.  But a really small one.  

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