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Falcons demote Gurley, Ito Smith takes ‘lead dog’ duties - AJC

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At this point you need to see what Ollison actually looks like in a game and not just practice. What can it hurt?  It’s not like having him involved will make our run game and pass blocking any worse.

Now you sound like Koetter. 

Actually we don't know if they suck. There's not enough of a sample size to make that determination.  😁😁😁

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14 hours ago, DonOfThemBirds said:


Bout **** time....

Yep. Based on production, it was easy to see Ito was the best back on the roster, even before the season.

In a normal off-season, where he is healthy, he would've won the starting role. Unfortunately, its still a big "if" regarding him staying healthy. I hope he can for a season or two.

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15 hours ago, Lornoth said:

Gurley had that great one handed catch, made guys miss on the tackle, got the first down, and then Koetter says you're demoted. Sounds right.

Sounds like it was RM's decision: “His role has changed,” Morris said. “His role had changed the one week due to injury when I made him the third-down back and the red zone back.

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