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Are we drafting Alec Lindstrom or Nah?


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  • Number2 changed the title to Are we drafting Alec Lindstrom or Nah?
4 minutes ago, ryantlanta said:

Yea maybe sit behind Mack for a season workout with the pro strength and conditioning coaches and start second season at about 310 

Isn't that what we were saying about Henny? I don't know anything about Alec but it sounds like what we have in Hennessy

Edited by Norwood all the way!
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56 minutes ago, ryantlanta said:

Would be pretty cool to have two brothers starting on the offensive line 😃

It's not about being "cool" --- would be a nice story, though, IF he's good enough. 
A little light, but I'm sure he could bulk up a bit.  Just not familiar enough with him to make a sound decision ---





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4 hours ago, 1989Fan said:

Funny you mention that. I haven’t heard the usual suspects pounding the table for him after his recent performances.

I wanted to like him, but I can’t ignore how he seems to disappear anytime he plays good competition. The Indiana and Northwestern games were painful to watch. And last year the Clemson game was tough to watch as well

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