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Bowl Games.......the OTHER bowls games.


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There's already threads going for NY6 bowls, so let's get one going for the other games.

I always say my 3 favourite seasons are spring, summer, and bowl season. don't care about poeple saying these games don't matter, they matter to those programs and those kids are going all out to end the season (or their college career) on a high note, so that's good enough for me.

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good start to bowl season today.

app state running back camerun peoples (6'2", 210lbs) going 23 for 319 yds and 5 tuddies. i looked him up during the game to see where he's projeceted to go in the draft and realized he's just a sophomore!


looks like a couple good ones tomorrow, tulane-nevada on the blue turf should be a good one. and zach wilson's (possibly) last college game against ucf looks like a tight matchup as well.

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1 hour ago, Unknøwn said:

South Carolina withdrew from their bowl due to covid cases. C-USA Champ UAB will now have no bowl game.

Some reports coming out that some players revolted against Bobo. Covid is the reason they didn't play but according to the report some players spoke up in a players only meeting about refusing to play for Bobo.

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26 minutes ago, PapaJoe said:

wth why?


doesn't say why, but i read in another article that bobo had said that there are no player votes in the sec, basically the players have no say in whether or not they play, maybe that rubbed them the wrond way. but i'm just guessing, i have no idea.


the first article does clarify that they pulled out 100% due to covid.

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