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Should we draft a pass rusher with our potental top 5 first round pick?

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Oh **** no. Our problem is we dont have a quarterback who runs around in circles like on an old electric football game.  Lol

The next Falcons GM is gonna be Matt Millen?

Those wins at the end of 2018 and 2019 really propelled this team to greatness

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8 hours ago, Atlantafan21 said:

We deserve it. 5 blown games this year in addition to all the blown games since 2016. Seems people have forgotten the fact that it stems back all the way to the 2012 playoffs though lol. 

and the one common denominator is the defense their the reason we lose big lead games because in the 2nd half they don’t adjust. Do you notice every time we blow a lead its cuz the defense always plays good in the first half but then suck in the second half always. it’s never a situation where the defense plays good up til the 4th it always start right after halftime when they start to get cooked with big chunk plays

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8 hours ago, 1989Fan said:

He was before PSU moved him to LB. I think he can do anything, like Khalil Mack...that said he won’t be a full time pass rusher in the NFL.


He could be.


Parsons could be a dominant edge rusher if that becomes more of his main role.


Playing a "Joker" LB/DE role would be perfect for him in a multiple defensive system.

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