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Sweet Defeat!


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2 minutes ago, Killing Floor said:

If you look at Matt Ryan as a whole and want so desperately to believe that none of this is on his girlish, aging shoulders consider this.  

If the Falcons were in the NFC East they would be last place. 

You're a genius.

Show us a single poster who's said NONE of this is on Ryan. 

Just one.

We'll wait.  

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What I meant by that is he really doesn't even care.  As long as he doesn't get hit a lot it's a good game.  That's it.  

Blame me it it helps.  He's a joke.  He used to be great.  We have 2 on the bench would have been able to close out this game.  


























































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6 minutes ago, UnrealfalcoN said:

watching the highlights of the game and I see a lot of good passes by Matt, Good catches by Ridley and Gage and a couple of good sacks. I wouldn't even know that we had running backs suited up for the game.

As bad as DK is, he knows there's not point to rushing the football. Everyone knows it. Apparently no one on the coaching staff knows how to fix it either.


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