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Bucs Falcons Official Game Thread

JD dirtybird21

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12 minutes ago, Snafu said:

Funny thing is, a lot of what people are criticizing him for are backed up by numbers.


Matt still produces at an elite level early on in games. As the game goes on, he gets worse and worse. It's not as far-fetched as some of you want to make it out to be that his age is catching up with him and that his arm is on the decline.

I prefer film than stats alone. OC, run game, free running blitzers, and receivers dropping the ball is way more the issue with THIS game.

Last week, Matt did force more and turnovers were the main reason we lost. Doesn’t mean I like Dirk suddenly. 

This week isn’t on Matt though and most of these games haven’t been.

Not even close.

Problem is people don’t want to have a civil conversation.


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3 minutes ago, AUTiger7222 said:

There's absolutely no context to those stats. Someone should post the Falcons rushing attempts by quarter. But they won't do that because it doesn't fit the narrative that Ryan sucks in the 4th quarter with the game on the line.

Cant see it for the entire unit, but Gurley's situational rushing stats say he has had 53 carries in the 1st quarter versus 50 carries in the 4th quarter. So does the 3 extra rushes in Q1 over the course of the entire season speak to Matt's 30 point QBR drop between the 2?

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1 minute ago, Ergo Proxy said:


Last week, Matt did force more and turnovers were the main reason we lost. Doesn’t mean I like Dirk suddenly. 

This week isn’t on Matt though and most of these games haven’t been.


Right. I mean, Matt had a *terrible* series today. But it happened late in the first and early in the second quarter.

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3 minutes ago, Sun Tzu 7 said:

He’s also on a different team.

Sure, Matt Ryan on another team would probably do better.  You know a team that was able to build a team because it didn’t have to contend with his and Julios cap hits for the last several years.

On the Falcons in order for them to win Ryan has to be able to overcome shortcomings in the other areas and he’s not that guy. The problem is that he’s paid like he’s that guy.

When the games on the line late in the 4th and the Falcons need Ryan to drive down the field and score they haven’t been able to do it.

If you think the answer for this is Ryan needs more weapons or that he needs another 1st round lineman.... 

1) every franchise QB gets paid these days.

2) Ryan’s cap hit has been middle of the pack and was under $20 million for 3 straight years.

3) Stop excusing bad coaching and other on field performances.

4) Ryan deserves body of blame when warranted; like last week.

5) Most weeks; like today, it’s not on him when these defensive M E L T D O W N S happen and 2 hands on the ball drops or free blitzers on 3rd and long (cause we can’t run AT all) end drives that are needed to have even a shot in completely overmatched other side of ball scenarios.

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The reality of our situation is this:

We just aren't a good and efficient football TEAM. There is no one thing we can change to make us a superbowl team. Blame can be placed on many different players/coaches. Our coaches are not up to the task. Morris has his bonehead decisions. Everyone and their 90 yr old grandmothers know DK is consistently outcoached. Our O line coach still has a job somehow. Our D has shown growth but they inevitably fail. Ryan is aging and can't shoulder the entire team on his shoulders anymore. Gurley is a complete waste of money and a roster spot. We have no consistent force on the Dline other than Grady and he can't do it alone. We have problems everywhere. 

Those of you thinking drafting a mobile qb will solve all our problems are on crack. 

Edited by Norwood all the way!
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6 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

Are you going to sit here and defend leading for 3.5 Quarters and attempting 12 runs?

Yes. Drops contributed to ended drives during their 31 point string.

No. That wouldn’t fix the root issues.


Because he put the ball in the hands of our best players.

Our running backs are not our best players right now..

Plus we're playing one of the best run defenses in football.

some of you would rather just us beat our head against the wall and actually try to move the ******* ball.




Tampa is strong up front but soft in the back end so we attacked the back end.

We also had a lot of success on play action because Tampa was biting hard on it had we just ran the ball and some of those instances we wouldn't have gotten anything out of it because they were crashing down on the run.

Just running to run isn't smart football


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I'm not going to put all the blame on Matt Ryan because he played a good football game.... And when your defense gives a 31 points and 400 yards of and done with very little resistancee in a half a football that is all on the defense....bar 

However Ryan had three touchdowns but should have had five... He had receivers were very open that would have been touchdowns that he was late throwing to.

Both Ridley and Gage  were both pretty wide open but late throws that were a little bit under allow the defenders to make plays on the ball.

This types of plays are the difference between a good offensive game....and a great offensive game 



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7 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:


Dirk obviously gets a run game going at other times...oh wait! /s

Bro c’mon. He isn’t good at scheming the run. He asks players to do too much in predictable scenarios because he feeds the defense easy to read plays.

Get me Arthur Smith like 2 years ago.

He asks his players to do their job.....aka catch the phucking ball

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