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Bucs Falcons Official Game Thread

JD dirtybird21

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1 minute ago, g-dawg said:

no you really don't.   I have three Matt Ryan jerseys in the closet.

Matt disappears down the stretch in all of these collapses.   I don't like it, but it's true - he consistently goes into a funk when the rails start coming off w/ the whole team - he can never make that "one play" that he needs to make to reverse the momentum.

No one wants to admit it, but Marty Ice is dead & gone. He’s been blowing leads regularly since the latter half of the Mike Smith years. With or without Dan Quinn. Not clutch when it matters most, and too many 2nd half collapses, and it’s only gotten worse since the Super Bowl collapse.

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Im disgusted but not surprised. Our team is coached and staffed with persons that don't take pride in their profession. Matt Ryan has become unbearable to watch at QB. He now shrinks like a violet under even the most mild of temperature changes. Our defense has capable players that have no strong day to day interest in doing their job. Our OL is staffed with all first round picks that have no interest in regularly blocking.

And our coaches....just....wow

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1 minute ago, red falcon said:

Hold your head all you want tell me otherwise.

You do know the defense gave up 5 TDs and a FG all in the 2nd half right?

To think that we have fielded a defense in any of Matt’s time here is laughable and this season is all the same.

It’s pretty bad when your QB has to fight against both his OC and his unreliable defense.  Those guys couldn’t stop a pee wee team. 

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