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Bucs Falcons Official Game Thread

JD dirtybird21

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2 minutes ago, red falcon said:

Some dude off the street got beat by antonio brown. We still have no pass rush. Our offense has finally showed up after sleeping for 6 weeks.

Both top 20 defense of ends we drafted are no longer on the team. This season is not on the defense.


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Just now, Jerz #GurleySZN said:

It was just off target. There are QBs in the draft that can drop it in the bucket without straining and more elusive in the pocket.

Get with the times old man.

Brady has missed several this year.

Boiling down a game to one deep ball with these defensive blow ups?

Completely terrible on defense for 5 straight possessions. But it’ll be Ryan’s fault if we doesn’t miracle win right now? You realize most QBs are under .500 in these situations right?

Start holding the defense more accountable or coaching at minimum.

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Just now, PuppyMonster said:

If it was overthrown then why did it touch both of his hands that weren't even full outstretched? Hmm?

Have you ever played football before. If you have to layout for a pass it's overthrown. Sometime you can pull it in, but most of the time it's incomplete.  

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2 minutes ago, Jerz #GurleySZN said:

Haha like there hasn’t been any missed opportunities. You guys love bringing out all the excuses for this man.

Up 17 points, 17 pass plays, 4 run plays.  I didn’t mention Ryan in that post, must suck having him live in your head so much.

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2 minutes ago, JBridgez said:

Matt is done guys. The numbers don’t matter if you can’t get wins. We need a new QB 

Number don’t matter if you can’t win? Are you serious? The numbers matter as showing he is not the issue. Need a new DT... Gradys numbers don’t matter if we can’t win.

if you guys can’t see that this is all on coaching and planning I don’t know what to say. Good news, we will get that next season

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