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Bucs Falcons Official Game Thread

JD dirtybird21

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1 minute ago, AUTiger7222 said:

Gage got both hands on the ball. He needs to catch that. It was a ******* laser. There was nothing wrong with that throw.

It was just off target. There are QBs in the draft that can drop it in the bucket without straining and more elusive in the pocket.

Get with the times old man.

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1 minute ago, ROMERO said:

and the tankers on here rejoice knowing the want to be losers instead of winners. 

I don’t like it but I get where they are coming from. The question is who could the falcons really draft at 4 or 5 that could get us on track? Surtain? Sewell? Paye? Haven’t gotten into looking at prospects but I’m not really excited about this draft. Maybe I’m wrong. 

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1 minute ago, Rings said:

I never said I was some special analyzer, could you be a little more dramatic?  It’s pretty obvious he didn’t put everything into that throw, doesn’t take some scout to see that.  He chose to give it air instead of more of a line drive.  But you do you man.

He always gives them air this is nothing new. I call him Air Ryan. 

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