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Bucs Falcons Official Game Thread

JD dirtybird21

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6 minutes ago, Jerz #GurleySZN said:

I also have 3 TVs Rings. You think you are the only one out here? Lmfaoo bro stop you’re not some special analyzer head and shoulders better than every one you encounter on the internet.

QBs THROW LATE BALLS ALL THE TIME. Some just have the arm talent to still make the pass. Sometimes not always.

I was killing pmf in weekly pick em until I started forgetting easy thursday games. I promise you your eyes are not better than mine.

I never said I was some special analyzer, could you be a little more dramatic?  It’s pretty obvious he didn’t put everything into that throw, doesn’t take some scout to see that.  He chose to give it air instead of more of a line drive.  But you do you man.

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1 minute ago, KRUNKuno said:

I’ve told y’all a bajillion times....

this defense is garbage

Some dude off the street got beat by antonio brown. We still have no pass rush. Our offense has finally showed up after sleeping for 6 weeks.

Both top 20 defense of ends we drafted are no longer on the team. This season is not on the defense.

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