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4-12 is ideal but


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1 minute ago, g-dawg said:

great - another discussion on tanking - where players never do

and half the fanbase hope they lose

other half says win at all costs

and it really doesn't matter because the players try and win.

but by all means - let's go back and forth for 10+ pages about it.



Absolutely.  The best thing for most folks might be to stop watching football as this season was cursed, and come back energized when we hire the New GM.  That will set the tone.

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31 minutes ago, hjerry said:

Any Falcon fan that wouldn't be happy to see us beat the Chiefs is a fan this fanbase could do without

 But they’d be over it the next day and what kind of trophy do you get for beating the Chiefs? I’m a die hard Falcon fan and hate to lose. Yes it would be awesome to beat the Chiefs but who is going to give flip come draft day....

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9 minutes ago, Osiruz said:

How much happiness did you get out of the Niners win last year, and how much did that matter?

Can't tell the fickle how to be a fan. Long term is what we need to be thinking about. We did JUST enough last year to lose out on Chase Young AND retain Dan Quinn. AMAZING!

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7 minutes ago, Mr.Blank said:

I know it would screw our draft position but there is nothing more I would love than to see us beat Brady twice and the Chiefs. It would salvage the season for me. I don’t think it will happen though

How would that salvage a season in which we lost to a TE twice. Let Dallas comeback from an onside kick we dared NOT even grab. OH and got beat by Nick Foles...

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Just now, Herr Doktor said:

True.  One hopes we lose by simply being poor rather than willfully just chucking it in.

Yep. I think we have some players to build around on D, but we need a lot more on the DL and back secondary. And as long as DK is running predictable on offense, we don't have much to worry about.

If we're down by 2 scores in the waning minutes, and have to go no huddle, then we're dangerous.

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