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Dimitroff to Interview for Lions GM; Pioli Interviewing as well

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Whi wud they intervuu hm TD sux lol

Not sure why anyone would think TD wouldnt have a market. Has been exec of the year at least once and has had good draft success, despite some shortcomings. Dont let your personal dislikes get in the

I will say this......Any NFL team could "do worse" than Thomas Dimitroff.   He does hit on a nice percentage of his draft picks overall - he had some really bad years but over his 13yrs w/ Falcons, he

I really appreciate Dimi bringing in Ryan, Turner, TonyG, Grady, Debo and Ridley. I love Julio but am still not a fan of the five picks and $165M guaranteed. Dimi's bad far outweighed his good:

  • Couldn't build a solid OLine that was sustainable
  • Never found a good pass rush
  • Depth players were absolutely questionable
  • Went explosive after Billy told him not to in lieu of fortifying the trenches
  • Needs based drafter who passed on dozens of beasts to fill needs
  • Outside/In roster builder
  • Traded 23 picks to move up and draft 10 players, half of whom sucked
  • Blew too many day one and day two picks
  • Whiffed in free agency on RobbinUs, RayRay, ButtaFusco, Carp, Jamon and more 
  • Cut Abe and Clabo too soon. Replaced them with Osi and Puddin
  • Let Grimes, Mud Duck and Dahl walk. Went with Tru, King Konz and ReynoldsWrap
  • Spent too many resources on offense
  • Created a top heavy cap table
  • Extended several bad contracts
  • Needed cap purges in 2013 and 2020
  • Bottom of the league in cap space the last 7 years
  • Totally screwed our 2021 cap up
  • Was more of a puppet than a master roster builder 
  • His teams went 53-64 (.453) over his last eight seasons with only two playoff berths
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Wherever TD goes, he's going to have success. He's taking way to much flak here despite building rosters that could've won super bowls, including having one in the bag if not for a blown lead. Detroit would appear as a good destination to get a fresh new start at. Closer to home, needs a fresh rebuild, and could potentially take over the division after said rebuild due to Rodgers leaving soon.

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