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Oh man... Careful what you wish for, Ryan haters. And @TDWII, don't you look a little silly right now.😆

Yes, he's had an off year for his standards. The entire offense has, honestly.

We don't need a QB from these top guys this year. We just don't. Defensive studs would make a way bigger positive impact. A dynamic Tight End whilst keeping Hurst. Ryan can outplay what Rivers is doing for the Colts, for example... and easily.

BPA through the first 4 rounds, keep Ryan and we will have a better 2 year stretch than without him. The man sets the tone in the building, watch Hard Knocks again if you need reminding of how he is.

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I really, really like his approach.   

Matt has won us a lot more games than he has lost us. 

Joey Harrington used to apologize all the time.

On 12/17/2020 at 10:39 AM, FinalScore2.0 said:

Ryan and Shanny went back and forth until Ryan started to trust Shanny. If Ryan doesn't engage with Koetter on that level then he has given up. Might as well retire.

Koetter should never have been rehired. What has he actually won . I think Matt isn’t who he was, but dirk exasperates the problem. No team wins without a run game. He doesn’t know there are other areas of field other than up the middle.

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