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Draft Order as of tonight.


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6 minutes ago, blizzard_falcon said:

Yes, it's based on strength of schedule

Well that blows chunks just like our team does.  But at least the Cowpokes still play the Eagles and Giants again so they should win at least one more time.  Chargers have the Raiders and Broncos (and KC) so maybe they win one of those.  I don't see us winning any of our remaining games but we will probably beat TB once just to ruin a top 5 pick.

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5 minutes ago, FalconFan13 said:

I always thought it was head to head over SOS with same record but maybe im wrong and if os i'll be pretty sad about it :(

Head to head isn’t part of draft order, head to head is above SOS in playoff seeding, however.



Non-playoff teams get picks 1-18 -- the team with the worst record picks first overall


Teams eliminated in the Wild Card round get picks 19-24


Teams eliminated in the Divisional round get picks 25-28


Teams eliminated in the Conference Championships get picks 29-30


Super Bowl loser gets pick 31


Super Bowl winner gets pick 32


Tiebreakers: strength of schedule, division tiebreakers, conference tiebreakers, interconference tiebreakers, coin toss


This order applies to all seven rounds of the draft with tied teams cycling positions from round to round


Weeks before the draft, up to a total of 32 compensatory picks are awarded to teams that lost significant free agents -- these picks are made after rounds 3-7

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