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LSU at Florida Game Thread..


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4 hours ago, Faithful Falcon said:

They will blame the penalty, but Florida really got their a$$e$ handed to them the entire game. Everyone knew that their defense was garbage all season long. This just pisses me off, because we should have had a better game plan vs Florida. Now JT is ballin', and we're just wondering.

While it absolutely sucks that UGA lost to  “dem Gatuhs” - I believe Kirby has learned through the last two years how important it is to get the Quarterback position, right.

While Kirbster has done good getting QBs on campus, it’s fair to say he has underperformed in managing the position.

When Kirby got the job he really didn’t seem to understand how important it was to get elite play from the QB.  Hopefully he 100% gets it now.

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