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Those without cable- how do you watch local sports?


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I have Hulu they removed the regionals Fox Sports channels (Same thing for YouTubeTV ). So no more braves, hawks, Atlanta United for me.

For those in a similar situation how do you handle this? I was listening to the preseason hawks game last night  (from 92.9 internet feed).
I also did this for Atlanta United. I don't mind it at all. I recall listening to the braves/MLB on the radio when I was a kid a long time ago.

However my son is younger. He doesn't think this a suitable option. That's a problem I'll have to deal with.

But I was talking to some people- they said they stream the games from reddit. I did a google search for the game, found it. But the site (not reddit) seemed so shaddy and I was nervous I was going to get a virus from the site. It also wanted me to download a VPN service. Which costs 10 bucks a month. All of these hoops-- makes me not sure what to do.

I particularly don't want cable again. Just too dang expensive. Any tips? Surely I can't be the only one in this situation.

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