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I know we need a GM,HC, OC etc


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3 hours ago, Xfactor said:

Like I said I know we have bigger problems but when field position can win games and this guy is ranked 28th in the league yep.

Lol you're complaining about a rookie punter. There is NO way you can spin this. I literally forgot who he was before this thread. Nobody cares. He's a punter. And a rookie. Literally so many other things to complain about and you picked the rookie punter. I get being contrarian but this is stupid. 

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On 12/10/2020 at 8:51 AM, Xfactor said:

For the love of God could we get a decent punter. I would pay 2 mil to see us flip the field pin them deep instead of starting at the 30 every time.

I know we have bigger problems but he drives me crazy carry on.

We had a good punter last year but for some reason we dropped him for this guy who is not good

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