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FML... Aints about to clinch the division this week... Have owned NFC south since our Superbowl collapse


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13 hours ago, falconsd56 said:

I think that they are going to have some issues when the playoffs start... especially if they do not get the 1 seed and have to travel.

19-3 on the road since 2018, best in the NFL

Defense and run game travel and we have both

10 hours ago, Beast-N-Da-Sheetz said:

I hate you. No really I don't, but I want to...

Hahaha, I wouldn’t have it any other way, bud.


8 hours ago, Mr.11 said:

Ironically they've also choked in the playoffs every year since the Falcons went to the Super Bowl, so hah.

Don’t act like you wouldn’t switch places with us in an instant. :rolleyes:

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