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3 Official GM Interviews

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Should be interviewing Ed Dodds, but looks like we got an agenda.


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Itll be Riddick. Any Falcons media rep looking at the public eye knows everyone wants Riddick. Fits McKays agenda and helps Blank in the PNL department. A fan hire and a progressive agenda hire (as McKay and company have been vouching for). Hes also super qualified as a GM. Knows the league by the back of his hand 

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26 minutes ago, Atl Falcon said:

At least attempt to interview Ed Dodds....he’s my favorite along with Riddick. 
I could care less as long as those ppl making the decision do their very best to hire the most qualified candidate. 

they won't.  it'll be race based only. The whole league is pushing this to pacify a certain population.  The league is disenfranchising it's audience.

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6 minutes ago, RHEC said:

dude hates Matt Ryan.

TBH- HC and GM hires should not have anything to do with what MR2 wants or needs. He should have zero, naught, nil input...The GM should hire the HC based on long term not for a QB that’s starting to decline and most likely has 2-3 yrs left at best. The new GM and HC should be thinking about the future and find MRs replacement in the up coming draft. MR could hang around another yr or two mentoring his heir apparent. 
Riddick not liking MR according to some here could end up being a good thing. It’s all about long term. The successful franchises Pats, Steelers, Ravens, Packers, Seahawks, Saints would never make a hire based on one player much less one that will soon be 36 yrs old.

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34 minutes ago, E. T. said:

That's a stupid excuse. For all you know Riddick would be the man to give Matt Ryan the oline he needs, the RB he needs, the defense he needs, the dam coach he needs!

He also still thinks Haskins is a franchise QB and won’t admit he was wrong about him.

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