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Falcons fans. Do NOT be intimidated by year one growing pains from a new offensive coordinator.

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30 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

The difference is....in nearly every one of those cases the new oc was but a continuation of what the team did previously with only minor tweaks.

The titans still run the exact same "exotic smash mouth " as they did with Mularky.


And the phins and browns have not made the playoffs yet.

I just watched baker play the best half of football from a qb this year. They have Garrett back, Ward returning and a rb duo led by Chubb that is the best in the nfl. They are making playoffs and thankfully giving me someone to get excited over while the falcons wallow in 6-8 lands. Just shows you how a competent HC / OC coach can influence a team.........

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I think this is more of a knock on MR than new OC's in general.  Matt did seem to take a year to adjust under both KS and Sark.  This may have played heavily into surrounding Matt with familiar coaches in DK and Mularkey after moving on from Sark.  In retrospect we probably should have kept Sark as that 2018 offense while flawed could have been dominant with better talent on the offensive line and a threat at running back.  Sark was in a no-win situation replacing KS and was scapegoated after the 2018 season. 

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