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Gurley+Koetter gotta go


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21 minutes ago, dfsutton said:

Pretty sure Ito got rocked on that drive earlier, so he probably wasn't available. 

But yeah, Gurley messed up badly by not going down and taking the short loss. 

I thought it was helmet to helmet on Ito and the refs missed it. Then they missed the no fumble. Then Gurley got stupid. Then Koetter did what he always does. That’s your 4th quarter summary and the game. Falcons being the nail instead of the hammer and then reverting to being stupid. It’s a big yawn for me at this point. 

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Just now, Norwood all the way! said:

Yeah the Gurley experiment is over and has been for a while. Nothing special about him now. And Hill hasn't been that great either. With limited amount of snaps, Ito looks to be the better back

Our team under this regime was/is not a great talent evaluator. Reminds of Smitty never giving Antone Smith snaps and all he ever did was score on long TD runs.

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1 hour ago, BirdGangATL said:

Gurley is washed, DK called him number on that last drive twice and failed miserably.  Ito Smith is clearly our best back.  Horrible playcalling

We don't HAVE a decent RB , none on our roister, including Gurley would be a starter on any other team.  Gurley basically cost us this game when he ran wide near the goal when there was a hole to run through on the left side.  He no longer has the speed to turn the corner, thus he got thrown for a loss. Horrible decision to sign him. 

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28 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:


Nah.  HC runs the team and sets the tone and scheme, DC runs offense and OC runs the defense.  Even Bill B doesn't call both sides of the ball.  I ain't saying Rah should say but I will not hold him to a higher standard.  He did not hire the OC, he did not call those plays.  I will put the D on him and while not great, it was good enough on that side of the ball.

While the definition of insanity is doing the same things expecting a different result, expecting the solution is some person has never done the job with your guys in your environment is not appreciably more certain.

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