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Official fan petition to fire Dirk Koetter

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This clown show has gone on for far too long, I'll even take Mullarky back at this point. Sign your name. 

I don't want him back next week.

Dirk is going to cost Raheem a job

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Total inability to adapt in game. Total inability to adapt with a week of planning. Terrible run game. Slow, long developing pass plays that get your franchise QB constantly hit. No creativity. Predictable playcalling. Inability to put your players in a position to succeed. Poor utilization of talent. No sense of rhythm in playcalling. No sense of momentum. I could keep going.

I want him gone on Monday. Surely someone, anyone else on the staff could call better plays.

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It looked like the offense had lost confidence in the play calling during most the game. It was only in the last 10min, ryan seemed to take over with him more in a hurry up offense.

I cant believe that someone cant take over OC for the rest of the year and do any worse. But, I dont think mckay and blank would do that to their friend. They brought him back.


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Just now, ya_boi_j said:

OP legit has a new person to blame every other day lol. Silly enough he thinks 15 signatures will make a difference

I'm not saying that a thread like this will actually make a difference, but I do think that the Falcons as an organization keep a distant eye on the fanbase. I swear to god that the Gurley signing was to appease all the UGA homers.

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2 hours ago, Ovie_Lover said:

Thought Ryan was the problem? If we had a real QB Koetter would be the beast right guys?

He may not be the problem but he isn't the answer either. He is inconsistent throwing on the run, locks in on one guy, and had trouble recognizing the sticks today. Ryan can stay 1-2 more seasons until we find a long term solution at QB. 

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