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This is why we need new blood in Atlanta


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18 minutes ago, Francis York Morgan said:

Hardly cheating. Blame Morris for not throwing the flag, though it was definitely close and idk if it would've been overturned. Or blame DK for his trash offense

And trash defense,  saints converting 3rd and forever with out any problems

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  • GATXBOI changed the title to This is why we need new blood in Atlanta
2 hours ago, cb5639 said:

Y’all acting like head coach is running out new and much improved D. Morris is not, Ulbich is. The same BS is running our kick FG offense tho. 

It's everybody if it was up to me I would keep ask our new Coach to keep UlBrich Tupoi and Whitt release everybody else including our equipment manager with the dreads lol.

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5 hours ago, dodge_birds_fan said:

The problem here is fools gold Morris. If we don't clean house this year expect more of the same, beat weak teams and lose your *** to better teams.

he will top out at 5-6 wins next year. he was garbo in TB, he was in a garbo coaching staff here. he is what he is, enter the new regime.

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