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*** Official Falcons Vs Saints In-Game Thread ***


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1 minute ago, Fiercefalcon said:

Nah Morris isn't the guy. We do well against teams that beg us to win, and falter against teams that show up to play. I'm pretty convinced keeping him would just be repeating a mistake we made by keeping DQ.

Morris may not be the guy, but he did show everyone just how sorry Quinn was. Quinn would be losing by 35 by now today.

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1 minute ago, Butudontseeme™ said:

Can play scared and not pressure Hill because he can run. 

Every third down is an easy pitch/catch because we don’t pressure and play soft coverage. 

Yeah you have to go get him. He can clearly throw. We dont have a good enough pass rush. All those fails i defensive end have been showing face for a while now.

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Just now, Killing Floor said:


What's everybody drinking today?  I've got some aged sotol with a little grapefruit.  A few more and I won't even notice our secondary.

Oh, wait, I guess the Saints don't notice our secondary either.  Did I say that out loud?

i swear i could get yards and catches on this *&*(

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