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*** Official Falcons Vs Saints In-Game Thread ***


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2 minutes ago, LightningDawg58 said:

Everyone can see that when he holds the ball bad things happen.

This is something they teach rookie QBs. Matt don't have the ability to extend a play so he must get rid of it.

He used to do this back in the old days.

This gal/guy knows that. Everyone who knows anything about football knows that. They just want to be right about their wrong. 

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Just now, insight said:

This has happened way before Dirk Koetter, even before his 1st stint in Atlanta.  People saying the exact same things about Sark, the problem is deeper than the OC. 

No the kind of routes we just saw is definitely just a Koetter thing. Sark faced redzone issues. Koetter faces that and it's a chore to just get a 1st down.

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30 million dollar QB getting outplayed by a gadget QB.

30 million dollars playing like a guy who never saw a pass rush before. Who never saw tight coverage.

You dont pay a QB 30 million because he needs EVERYTHING to go right to make a good play.

You dont pay a QB 30 million because he needs other guys to make plays.

You pay a QB 30 million because he make up for a weaker supporting cast. Because he can make tough plays.

Too many excuses for the 30 million dollar man.

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