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Vanderbilt vs #8 Georgia Thread

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12 hours ago, BamaBirdLady said:

Yes they do and always have.

On another note, as a Bama fan I would rather play Florida than Georgia. I know one day soon Smart is going to beat us and I would rather it be in a regular season game than the SECCG or the CFP. I also know that Mullen will pull a Mullen. Keeping Pitts out of that game was a horrible mistake! If everyone is honest, they know he kept him out so he would be ready for SECCG and completely over looked LSShoe! That is a terrible coaching decision!!

You forget that Mullen is this guys stunt double


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Can I get some more expert analysis from you?  Or maybe you could just answer my original question.

What a ridiculous thread derailment 

As was said in another thread here just yesterday, keep the politics out. Sports isn't the place to bring your divisive rhetoric. 

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