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Do you mind keeping Raheem?

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4 minutes ago, MAD597 said:

Nope, the last 3 years this team played lights out once they were out of contention. 

Morris is a good guy and deserves a job somewhere but this team needs a near full reboot.

Nah bro you been hatin for years. Stop hatin.

Radio turned in some good defenses in the last two years.

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Let the season play out. This team is too jeckyl and hide to have an opinion off one game, as dominant as it was...cause last week the Falcons were that team.

4-2 and im good w him and brich but he’d have to fire kooter

I’m on board with giving Morris a shot only if he gets rid of Koetter. If he wants to keep Koetter, I hope the entire staff is gone 

16 minutes ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

Yes, because he is Radio and his OC would still be Koetter.

Get rid of all buccies stench.

I think it's time to get rid of the TATF stench. Maybe you first. MAD597 next.

Yall boys are Tankers. Fk a Tanker. Madden GMs. Draft Nuts. Fantasy Boys. Bye.

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13 minutes ago, Beast-N-Da-Sheetz said:

Recently but we still don't get pressure or sacks off the edge. Lbs and dbs have been getting pressure and sacks from Ulbrich's blitzes lately.

Man, its hard to have everything you need. You are correct, but I'm good with what they have accomplished. The defense looks nothing like the nightmare Quinn kept trotting out there...

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13 minutes ago, Lornoth said:

Morris stops being our DC, our defense suddenly gets better, and that's a reason to keep Morris? 

Yeah he's better than DQ, but he's made some bad in-game judgements himself.

Morris didn't have control of the defense, Quinn did. When QUINN stepped away, the defense turned around...

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1 hour ago, Jesus said:

The problem is Koetter doesn't understand how the run a short passing game. He doesn't run quick routes which Matt can and has excelled at. Just from watching the bucs v chiefs you can see offenses similar to what DK has run before but the QBs get rid of the ball faster because receivers are running to get open. DK has guys running and stopping or running into the same spot. Matt averaged 4.5 yards a completion because guys aren't running with the catch. It's sad to watch because everything is on this team to succeed.

It's pretty sad especially when watching a team like the Chiefs. Mahomes has the arm to consistently challenge teams down field, but Andy Reid has enough sense to know that teams will try to take that away. Now they're gashing defenses with quick RPO passes and what not where Mahomes barely holds the ball for one second before firing a pass for a big YAC gain.

Even Mahomes in Koetter's offense would struggle.

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1 hour ago, Osiruz said:

He's 5-2 so far, provided we can pair him up with someone like Mcdaniel, or Lefleur Jr?

Kutty just blows, should have played Ito all year over hill but he blew that one, and he is incompetent when it comes to running zone read plays for our RBs. 

Great game by AJ Terrell, now I dont regret so much not trading down to get murray and trevon diggs. I think we might have something in this fella and he has proven to be our best db by far. I also like what Mykal Walker is showing, he is promising and has shown flashes to be at least as good as Devondre Campbell. 

On a negative note I am not impressed with Ridley, this is THE offense for WR's and Kutty's seven step fetish should have him open more frequently. Same for OZ and Gage they seem to quit on plays when ryan buys time with hims feet and seem to be gorilla glued to the db. 

He had his chance in TB. How did that work out?

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Bruh i just think this team need a new direction... I want a new Offensive mind that will push Matt and this offense  and a Aggressive D-Cordinator

Get you a number 1 guy on the edge, a Deep playing FS , and a young RB that carry the rock.......... That plus Good play callers... We can beat any team in this league with what we have.

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4 minutes ago, Mr.11 said:

And Andy Reid flamed out in Philadelphia when the QB situation went sour, then went to KC. How did that work out?

Well unless Morris draft an all time great at QB like Reid did, then talk to me. As far as Reid "flaming out", what was Reid's "flaming out" record in Philly compared to Morris's in TB?

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1 hour ago, jetpac said:

Y’all so fickle. When we lose it’s Rahiem doesn’t know what he’s doing. When we win it’s let’s keep him. The answer is no. Eric Beinemey is the answer, 

Beinemey's stints as coach have been barely average without great talent, and he doesn't really run the KC offense. 

So what's so great about him?  If he can bring Mahomes here, okay, but other than that what's the attraction?

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