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5 minutes ago, FalconsIn2012 said:


Yes, he will.  Never underestimate the incompetence of the people who run corporations and NFL teams.  They look at a one page resume and compare positions to make a hire.  Just like in the NFL, CEOs, COOs, VPs, etc. get hired because of where they worked and the positions they held.  Now, every company they worked for may be nothing but a smoking cinder following their tenure and that does not matter.  That is never looked at.  The go to a board meeting and state that Bob was COO for XYZ Corporation for 12 years.  Hired.

These NFL owners need competent and dedicated staff to not only run the team, but to properly advise.  Put one intellectual idiot at the top and everything sours.  There is a job for Dirk Koetter in the NFL.

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23 minutes ago, DirtyBird2 said:

Tough to know what anyone is without giving them a chance. Some coordinators don't have what it takes to be a HC. Doesn't mean they aren't great at being a coordinator.

Yup, just like Rod Marinelli, Romeo Crennell, Wade Phillips, etc... A guy not cutting it as a HC has little correlation with them being a great coordinator, especially given their success as a coordinator is what made them a HC in the first place. 

hard to find a situation where you can’t say “but how do we know it wasnt all the HC”, since most coordinators that get promoted come from winning teams who happen to have very good HC as well.

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