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What your thoughts on Gary Kubiak as Falcons next HC

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Not saying he would accept it because of previous health issues/stress related to being a HC. Many here want to see an offensive coach as the new HC. I think he’d be a great fit and his track record speaks for itself. He has a .522 winning % for 10 yrs as HC plus he won a SB. He has participated in seven SBs losing three as a player with the Broncos, winning three as an assistant coach with the Broncos and the 49ers, and winning SB 50 as the head coach of the Broncos. He has coached under a lot of great HCs and is great at developing QBs. He would be great for MR2 and his replacement if we drafted one this yr or next. Kubiak, MR2 and West Coast Offense could be a perfect fit.

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32 minutes ago, octoslash said:

If he brings Wade with him, maybe.

But it's not happening.

He keeps Wade with him as his DC. But I think if he becomes OC for a young offensive HC, he will convince that coach to hire Phillips. And Phillips has already said he wants to coach again for the right fit.

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1 hour ago, kiwifalcon said:

Gary Kubiak perfect as a OC at least wed see a real commitment to running the football.

HC I don’t think he wants it I’d even have his son as an OC.

HC I think that ship has sailed.

Maybe that ship has sailed but what if it hasn’t? That’s my question. Would you take him as HC? 

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