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NFL General Manager Candidates

Sidecar Falcon

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I really hope they give Joe Ortiz a look from Baltimore. I don't know how good he is with most responsibilities, but going back to 2009ish with the Ravens drafts, his scouting teams seem to nail it every year, grabbing 1st round prospects in the second and third rounds.

Their current roster is filled with guys they actually drafted.

They also don't seem to have a filter at all when it comes to drafting questionable players (gun charges, fighting, etc). I'm not sure that has always worked to their benefit, but we all know the Falcon filter is all powerful and could use a downgrade, although debatable.

His drafts also seem to target the SEC teams and other top ranked schools. I've seen mention in some past articles where their draft picks are usually projected as being able to make contributions immediately. It's often not until the 6th round until analysts start talking about them drafting players as ST fills and needs.

That looks pretty stellar IMO.

Joe would be an interesting candidate.

There are numerous videos online where he talks pre-draft prep if anyone is interested. I haven't checked them out yet, but plan to.


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16 minutes ago, Xfactor said:

Just our luck the Texans need a GM and HC with Watson. 
I want Dodds/Bieniemy my luck they’ll end up in Houston

Watson is good, no doubt. But I guess I’m just not as 100% infatuated with him as some are. In the big picture he has been an above average regular season quarterback to this point from what I can tell. 

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