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Any chance the Falcons promote Greg Knapp to offensive coordinator before the season ends?

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I would like to see what Greg Knapp could do as our offensive coordinator. Some knowledgeable Falcons fans such as Mad Mike Sports think that he would do really well. He is probably a much better fit for our offense than Dirk Koetter because he is more familiar with the West Coast Offense. 

I think that Raheem Morris has a much better chance of earning a head coach position if he fired Koetter and promoted Knapp ASAP. The fact that probably 99 percent of the fan base (the people who pays Arthur Blank's salary) wants Koetter gone pretty much means Koetter is gone after the season anyways.

I personally am afraid Dirk is going to get Matt injured with his play calling. I think Dirk would be an excellent fit for Lamar Jackson (he could help him with his passing game) and the Ravens with a great defense to back him up, but not a 35 year old Matt Ryan and a suspect defense that often needs the offense to carry the load. I think Matt Ryan needs a creative WCO coordinator with NFL experience in his last 5 or so NFL years. Your thoughts?

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22 minutes ago, Geneaut said:

Seems a little late at this point. It's not like he could make extreme changes this far into the season.

You're probably right. Maybe after the Falcons are officially eliminated from the playoff picture they might try it behind the scenes and not make it public or something. Kind of like with Richard Smith in 2016.

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Greg knapp gets severly underrated on these forums ive watched alot of vick highlights from when knapp was oc and i came away impressed at the creativity in alot of the plays. I wouldnt have minded seeing knapp call plays but as someone already mentioned its a little too late.

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1 hour ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

You guys must not have been around for Knapp 1.0. Turrible.


1 hour ago, The Martyr said:

Funny everyone forget Knapp was our OC once and at least half the message boards wanted his head on a pike

Including me. His play calling used to annoy me to no end. NO MORE RETREADS.

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