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Does ATL Have A Top 12 Offense?

Does Atlanta have a top 12 offense  

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15 minutes ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

Areas The Falcons Are Not Top 15

• Points Per Game

• Yards Per Point

• Points Per Play

• Offensive DVOA

• Average Scoring Margin

• Touchdowns Per Game

• Redzone Scoring

It will be easier just to say what we are too 15 in.  It’s a short list 

• Total Offense (9th)

• FG PER GAME (1st)

The very first item in this list, and the very last item in the 2nd list explain why they aren't.  Everything else is just noise.  

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I feel (subjective) like when we have a lot of air yards and lose there's really no solid way to say you have an offensive win and still lose the game, the D and the O are not different teams.  That said, in 3 games (30%) we have outscored the opponent and in 7 games this year (70%) we have been outscored.  There's no math that makes 30% winning a good offense.  


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11 hours ago, Lornoth said:

Do we? Feels like our thing is to 'run up stats' in the first half and then do absolutely nothing afterwards.

You are right . The 2 ways we lose are getting a big lead and then doing nothing as the other team comes back to beat us and starting slow and falling behind by a lot . The other team goes into prevent D and we pad our stats and lose 42 - 30.

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