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#9 Georgia vs South Carolina


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2 minutes ago, usmcdirtybird said:

I hope he is asked to transfer this offseason


Also, how many payers do you think transfer, go to nfl etc?  Do you see anyone like McKitty sticking around because of the eligibility changes this offseason?


i have no idea.. a lot of players will have to make tough decisions. 

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17 hours ago, Prison Mikey said:

Since the season was essentially over after 2 SEC losses, who's on the radar for a bowl. Miami or Oregon would be a fun match up.

I'm looking for more A. Smith, Washington, and Kenny Mac to get more involved with the passing game. Considering the latter is really good on kickoffs. He and Cook are not game breakers from the behind the line but if you get them in the open field then they excel. 

I see so much potential with this offense. The staff did outstanding getting receivers for all three levels in this scheme, it's time to let loose a tad bit. The strength is not there this season with the run game, deviating a smidge from philosophy could calibrate this thing fast. 


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South Carolina is so shorthanded defensively. I figured this would be a good matchup for the offense to get back on track.

Been saying James Cook will be one of those guys who balls out hard in the NFL. He's a lot like Alvin Kamara but probably even better as a receiving threat.

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