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#9 Georgia vs South Carolina

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Moving on to the next one, the Dawgs will travel to Columbia to play the Gamecocks. Not a whole lot to say here. SC has had a bad season and find themselves in the market for a new head coach. Mi

If he gets 1 catch for 10 yds, that would be a big game for him. 

Our defense is overrated.

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10 minutes ago, fuego said:

Rather pedestrian game by Daniels after last week. But then again he only passed 10 times.

I know our last 2 opponents are subpar, but I like that we can win throwing when we need too or just running it down their throats. Possibly last year and earlier this year, we lose to MS without the run. 

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What a great game overall tonight.. We could have put up over 60, but kirby wasn't going to do that.  Very happy with the offense.. huge holes for the rbs and we threw enough.. I love that Arian Smith got his td.  JT Daniels shows he has total control of the huddle and the offense.. Defensively we are missing lecounte and davis and our other guys just aren't tackling well at all, but they made enough plays tonight to stop drives.. Overall a fun game to watch.. nice to go into south carolina and beat them convincingly.. 

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6 hours ago, Screaming Brave said:

Pretty sure they knew he didn’t have to do much throwing to win this game so they sought to protect him and his leg from too much pass rush

This was an unusual game. They took what SC gave them. He knows and the coaches know he’ll have to pass a lot more. It was a good game to let the backs run wild.

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SC's defense is totally depleted, especially on the d line. Kirby said it out loud that they were going to try and take advantage of that. MSU proved they could stop the run and Daniels was hitting receivers, so Monken did Monken things and let it fly. SC never showed they could stop the run. Fundamental game planning for an inferior and extremely depleted opponent. Deny them opportunities and shorten the game. This ain't a video game lol

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