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Matt Ryan Playing Like Crap

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Just now, 757falcons said:

Everyone is nobody is open and o-line can't block



Just now, ROMERO said:

O-line cant protect him and hes holding onto the ball too long. 

Actually the offensive line isn’t really playing that bad. The Saints are playing amazing defense on coverage. They know exactly what the falcons are doing. Pretty bad game by Koetter so far 

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1 minute ago, JD dirtybird21 said:

Receivers aren’t getting open...playcalling sucks. The offense sucks. 

I agree the whole offense looks bad, but throw the ball away instead of having happy feet.  Will Julio ever be able to play without lower leg injuries (maybe its due to the short off season so i'll keep that in mind).

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It’s on Koetter and the wide receivers. Run some stack sets and get some free releases to attack man coverage. Receivers have to beat man coverage. They are manning up and beating our receivers. Don’t get me wrong... they are holding a lot but you gotta hand fight and battle through it. Get physical with them if the refs are going to let them hold.

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