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*** Official Falcons Vs Saints In-Game Thread ***


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Just now, red falcon said:

Youre crazy, he is a human being he cant run all gm.  Especially with no pass rush.

Watch a rugby match...if he is physically tired from playing 40 snaps of 5 seconds each with lots and lots of breaks inbetween....he needs to play a new sport. He isnt a Dlinemen or OL who are wrestling every snap.

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1 minute ago, JohnnyFranchise said:

just at this point, or literally always?

There were a couple of games this year that I thought Dirk called really well. Even one where we didn’t score a lot of points, I thought what he was calling was well put together.

But that was so long ago it might as well have been last year. Today has just been listless as ever, which has become the norm. I’m not even sure what we’re trying to do philosophically. We’re just literally throwing **** against the wall right now to see what works.

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