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*** Official Falcons Vs Saints In-Game Thread ***

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Dirk is getting outcoached. After that first drive, Allen’s been taking away the middle of the field yet we’re still running digs and deep over routes. We need to start attacking outside the numbers w

There you go! Sit in coverage and make him show you he can read! Illiterate ****er!

Should have been OPI on Sanders.

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2 minutes ago, Moose4040 said:

WHO DAT!!! THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE!! Yall finally played a great team! Back to reality pigeons!!! 

Dude, we know we suck so you trying to rub it in does not hurt anymore.  We have this junk the past two years plus.  Plus we have seen the Braves fail us and some of us UGA fail us so we have come to accept the disappointment and failure.  It does not hurt anymore when you are used to the failures.    

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3 minutes ago, ki46dinah said:

He has 13 million reasons this season to have better mental and physical stamina. 

A person in his position should not be one of the highest paid players if he can only play where there is little adversity. 

Youre crazy, he is a human being he cant run all gm.  Especially with no pass rush.

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2 minutes ago, Atlantafan21 said:

To those bagging on Shanny last week, Shanny was able to do more against the saints with basically his entire starting offense on IR than DK with the talent we have on offense. 

Do we really have talent on offense.  Call Wendy's and tell them halftime is over.... and call Jersey Mikes and see if the Defense finished their lunch yet. ..

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